Our Design Approach

Monkey Puzzle are a B2B design and print company, genuinely multidisciplined, we provide full service end-to-end, design, print and digital marketing, ensuring strict brand cohesion, development and production. We create all forms of contemporary marketing assets and collateral, from logos to brands, hard copy and digital, stationery, business cards, leaflets, brochures and full scale ecommerce websites.


Some of Our Favourite Design Work

nederburg design case study


nederburg design case study

Chateau Ribagnac

nederburg design case study

Psi Tran

nederburg design case study

Peter Loy

nederburg design case study


nederburg design case study


nederburg design case study

Angel Falls

Design Service Offering

  • Brand Support

    We now know that keeping your brand cohesion between each different marketing channel is really very difficult without specialised know how and experience.

    Our brand support service starts by fully understanding your underlying fundamental brand parameters and where applicable brand guidelines.

    We provide, at point of contact, ongoing marketing and brand support, from large marketing campaigns to the daily design needs by constantly scrutinising colour management, complex hard copy and digital cross over colours.

    We are here to provide the best outcomes for your brand across the marketing spectrum, using our in-house team of multi-disciplined designers and state-of-the-art equipment.

    Our strident objective is to give best of breed brand cohesion and synergy at all times.

  • Your Company Identity

    Your company has an identity, it is a critical aspect of business development, you have total control of the identity which you want to portray and this dictates how people and other business’s view your company, in the long term this is one of the core performance indicator of sustainability and growth.

    Starting with clearly understanding your business objectives, personality and values of the organisation that it represents, as well as your products and service offerings.

    This is followed by a research protocol and brand audit from logo to online presence, the brand profile needs to be correctly and cohesively aligned.

    Your identity is the factor that truly distinguishes you from your competitors, you may have the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t convey this ‘fact’ stringently and correctly people will never know, this impacts every aspect of a business.

    We will also include a competitor analysis alongside a communication strategy that is clearly defined and clarified. Our designers will craft a piece of work that is substantiated by clearly defined parameters and research. This empowers us as a team to bind together designs that engages with your desired audience and drives the business in the intended direction, that of profit and added value profile.

    Thereafter the three key marketing factors apply for our designers, these are innate and applied every time we design a new piece of artwork or amend an existing piece, we consciously and systematically definitively align every component with your brand and company identity, applying the logic the mantra of communicate, integrate, create.

  • Print Design

    Although some would tell you otherwise print is still alive and kicking, it now holds a place in our hearts and souls and is welcome over the pixel, as in some ways nostalgic but most a visceral effect, look, feel touch, smell and even hear the five senses engaged.

    Good print well designed and well produced is still a potent weapon in the marketing arsenal, used in unison with an online marketing campaign these become an emblem of your company’s sophistication and more than the sum of their parts, but get it wrong and you shoot yourself in the foot!

    To avoid any foot shooting exercise, it all starts with the good design and integration with an online presence, quality over quantity is being used to great effect, short sharp print to drive online traffic, to data capture, to promote, to sell.

    Integrate | Create | Communicate

  • Motion Graphics

    The power of video and motion graphics to 'tell the story' or explain an idea in an emotive and compelling manner is now seen as an invaluable asset in online content marketing.

    Google frequently ranks website pages that have video content higher in its search engine results, than static text based webpages.

    This fact that 85% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video, make the argument for the use of video as a marketing tool, a very compelling one.

    Our motion graphics service is aimed at delivering content seamlessly online. Understanding the audience, the desired response and outcome of the video is the starting point.

    We storyboard, source music and voiceover, integrate 3D design and supply the video in any required format. Or, we can simply make your logo reveal in a sophisticated motion graphic mini video, see our show reel.

    Our Showreel  

  • Website UX & UI Design

    A large part of having an online competitive edge is the website user experience (UX) and the design of the website interface (UI).

    With the advent of mobile multi-channel technology, designers are facing a workspace that has never been seen before in the history of visual communication. Designers have always had a set width and height parameter to work within, but in modern website design this frame has all but disappeared. Through responsive website design we now have an exciting space with no fixed diameter that is full of possibilities, open to full media integration and interactivity.

    Our Multi-disciplined designers craft beautiful responsive websites using the latest technology to ensure the best possible user engagement and experience, on all devices.

Our clients include

  • rfu logo
  • ebay logo
  • haymarket logo
  • gasgoine pees logo
  • team aon logo
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