Digital Production and Development

Monkey Puzzle provide digital design and production, crafting the highest quality contemporary digital assets, using industry best practices and the most up-to-date software, ensuring best-of-breed performance online.

High-end digital design is now mission critical for every company with the 'will to win,' Monkey Puzzle provide cutting edge online tools to upgrade or maintain the integrity of your company's online profile, from website to eshots, SEO and PPC.


Some of Our Favourite Digital World

digital design for psi tran

Psi Tran

digital design for psi tran


digital design for psi tran

Chateau Ribagnac

digital design for psi tran

New AG International

Digital Service Offering

  • Web application development

    Monkey Puzzle Marketing designers and programmers take great pride in being contemporary and staying right up to date with all the relevant issues and conversations around digital and web design and development.

    Our designers and developers utilise cutting edge, best practice programming for optimisation and speed efficiency, leading to better best of breed user experience.

    Our close-knit teamwork between our designers and developers creates opportunities and insights to a project that may have otherwise been missed, via symbiotic teamwork, building relationship which grows organically between, you the client, designers and programmers which genuinely brings, in flight immeasurable, but never the less tangible, team and group thinking, added value.

    Our Web application development service includes the following key areas:
    - Responsive website build
    - Website search engine optimisation
    - Java Script Interactive Animation
    - Bespoke and off-the-shelf Content Management System implementation.
    - Bespoke e-commerce website creation, allowing you take online payments for product sales.
    - Social Media Integration, which includes app creation for increasing website traffic and targeted marketing.

  • Digital Photography and Video

    You must think of your website and online presence as a TV station, which is indeed broadcasting globally.

    If we break down the component parts of a TV station you need video, you need still photography, motion graphics and sound track e.t.c you need cameras, lights, action!

    Underpinning your ‘TV station’ is the quality of your production values, Monkey Puzzle can bring together all the component parts to produce high value, videos, motions graphics and digital photography in harmony with soundtracks and voice over e.t.c for you online presence a.k.a TV station to broadcast via your website, the full spectrum of social media within the digital arena.

    Quality production and creativity are the keywords, no one likes to watch poorly produced television.

  • Video Editing and Post Production

    The art of conveying ‘the story’ and your company’s narrative is in the editing. The rendering, the cutting the symbiosis with sound track are key to great TV and the same applies to your online presence, people simply demand slick visuals.

Our digital clients include

  • rfu logo
  • ebay logo
  • haymarket logo
  • gasgoine pees logo
  • team aon logo
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