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Here to help you with yout Files, Artwork, Draft Documents, Design Assets & Components
There are options in the QQ specification page to upload your artwork
or once you have submitted your quote you will receive an email where you will find a button to ‘upload your artwork’ this will then direct you to this page.
Once we have received your artwork you will receive an email notification. Then one of our graphic designers will check your file using a pre-flight programme before proceeding to print. If for any reason we need to discuss the file we will then send you an email or give you a call to discuss. Therefore please do enter your name, email and
telephone number
, thank you.

Artwork Specifications

Before sending us your artwork, please ensure you have created and/or checked that it meets our artwork specification check list which you will find detailed below. Alternatively, you can download the relevant artwork specification from the ‘Artwork & Templates’ tab found within most of our PP products. Although we endeavour to check over artwork for print, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors on the original artwork file.

Specification Check Lists

  • Does the artwork have crop marks?
  • Does the artwork have bleed?
    (3mm standard, 10mm for all Banners)
  • Does your artwork have sufficient margins?
  • If you are supplying artwork for a Banner of some sort,
    please allow 150mm bleed at the footer.
  • Have you proofed a printed copy?
  • Have you checked for all content is correct
    including spelling?
  • Is file provided in correct format (PDF)?
  • Are fonts correctly embedded/outlined?
  • Are all images at the correct resolution for printing?
  • Typical resolution of most print formats:
    Actual size @ 300dpi
  • Large format resolution: Actual Size @ 100pdi or
    Quarter Size @ 400dpi
  • Is all text and imagery clear of the trim line?
  • Are there any special finishes required? (i.e spot UV varnish) If so, please advise and supply any relevant artwork files for the finish required.

How do I upload my artwork files?


You can initiate the upload process anytime by clicking on the green "Upload my artwork here" button at the top of this page or at the top of any page in the main navigation panel there is a button above our social media icons (top right hand corner). You can also upload artwork after any of these boxes throughout the website and quoting process: requesting for a ‘Bespoke Quote’, ‘Quick Quote’, ‘Get a Quote’, ‘Get a Quick Quote’, ‘Requesting a No Obligation Quote’, ‘Click for a Quote’, ‘Upload Your Artwork Here’ and ‘Do You Need a Monkey Puzzle Designer?’.

How will the final printed job compare to my uploaded artwork file?


Depending on how you submitted your artwork files the colour may vary. This can be down to a number of factors, these being: the colour on all RGB monitors will vary as they have been calibrated differently. In addition, screen colours are represented in RGB, while most printing colours are represented in CYMK to reproduce the maximum colour quality. Every preflight will auto correct any RGB files to CMYK so there may be a colour shift in this conversion. For best results, we recommend that you submit your files in CMYK and order a hardcopy proof.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK and why is it important?


CMYK are primary colours of ink pigment, these are used in the four-colour process printing. RGB refers to the primary colours of light, these are used in brown goods such as monitors, TVs, and computer screens. RGB colour combinations cannot be exactly translated into CMYK. Therefore we recommend that if your artwork was originally created in RGB then convert this to CMYK before uploading. Once you have converted your colours to CMYK you may find that you need to make some colour corrections to match your original colours (RGB) desired. Please note that personal desktop printers do not print the same as professional production printers.

How do I know if my files
uploaded successfully?


Once the files have been uploaded successfully you will see the text ‘100% complete’ and the file name(s) along with a thumbnail image of the file type appear in the drag & drop box area on the ‘Upload Your Artwork’ page. If there is a problem during upload, an error message will appear with step-by-step instructions what to do next.

Can I upload multiple files at once?


Yes, you can upload multiple files at once if they are within a zipped folder. Zipping the files within a folder will also decrease the file size, therefore saving time uploading. Otherwise you will have to upload each file individually.

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded and how long will it take?


The larger the file size the longer it will take to upload. We do not have a file size limit although there are a number of things to consider before uploading, these being: your file size, the number of files you are uploading, your connection (broadband upload speed) and if you have any programs running on your computer at the same time. For best results we recommend closing any programs that you do not need open at the time of sending your artwork files. Typically a small file can be uploaded in less than one minute whilst a large 50Mb file may take 20 minutes to upload.

What file formats are acceptable?


Monkey Puzzle Design & Print accepts print-ready files supplied in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Original artwork can be created in any of the following programs: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and desktop publishing software’s.

What are print-ready files?


Print-ready files are artwork files that contain all fonts and images and are 100% ready to print, requiring no additional adjustments by Monkey Puzzle Design & Print other than preflighting and standard prepress work. Monkey Puzzle Design & Print accepts print-ready files in any of the following formats: .ai, .eps, .jpg, .pdf, .ps, .psd, .tif.

What is preflighting?


Preflighting is a procedure used by Monkey Puzzle Design & Print to make sure that your artwork files are print-ready (i.e., correctly prepared for production). During preflighting, we complete and check the following: image resolution, bleed, safety zone (margins) and CMYK conversion values before printing. If we identify any problems with your files during preflighting, we will notify you of any issues and recommend possible solutions. Please note that preflighting will not check for spelling errors, layout and folding.

Why is automated preflighting important?


Automated preflighting is important because it helps Monkey Puzzle Design & Print provide you with the best possible printing quality by checking your files thoroughly before your print job is sent to one of our presses.
We will never print your files without written approval. We will need to discuss your files, we’ll require your name and contact details please. Rest assured WE FULLY UNDERSTAND, your files are STRICTLY for a
NO-OBLIGATION QUOTE or ENQUIRY, unless formally agreed in writing.
Contact Details
Rest assured WE UNDERSTAND and know these files are purely for a NO-OBLIGATION-EQUIRY, unless otherwise formally agreed in writing by both parties. We will conduct a FREE-OF-CHARGE per-flight file check on any artwork supplied or we’ll take an in-depth look at any files and or components uploaded and supply a quote or feedback and constructive advice where applicable on your enquiry. Should you have any queries regarding your artwork upload please contact us on or alternatively please visit our Q&A page.
Monkey Puzzle like to make every process from point of contact as quick, simple and effortless as possible. Upload and sending your files BIG up to the maximum file size is 2GB, or small,
it couldn’t be easier, 4 Simple Steps:-
  • 1. Click on the button below
  • 2. Browse and select or ‘Drag & Drop’ your files here
  • 3. Complete the short contact form
  • 4. Submit Your File
You will receive a copy email with a download link
so you can check-what-you-sent, for safety
Upload times will vary based upon your file size
and your internet speed.
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