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Case Studies - Chateau Ribagnac

Brand Identity

Chateau Ribagnac | Channel 4's 'No Going Back' | Case Study | Our most famous and long standing clients Chateau Ribagnac's Patrick and Collette were the Stars of CH4s ‘No Going Back' a reality show, the reality show was based on people who give up their 'everyday normal' lives in pursuit of their dreams and hence the show's title ‘No Going Back'.

We were very proud have been part of the success from the every start, we designed from blank sheet their logo and developed their company I.D and this hasn't changed in 14 years because it is now considered one of the premier locations for exclusive family holidays in Limousin FRANCE and although we have other larger corporate clients, Monkey Puzzle are so very proud to have been part of their brilliant success form the very beginning and now feel very much part of the Chateau Ribagnac Family. 
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Monkey Puzzle design developed built and have hosted this website for over 14 years and although it does look somewhat dated, but we constantly maintain the current look and feel because it has become synonymous with the Chateau Ribagnac brand and Company I.D and sometimes as the saying goes “if ain't broke don't fix it!”
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We also conducted a full photo shoot internally and externally in the heart of the French Countryside, for the digital tours and the website, I think you'll agree a very tough ‘gig’ indeed! 
Monkey Puzzle conducted 100% of all marketing materials hard copy and soft copy from Logo To accompanying Brand Guidelines which were created by us to ensure consistent brand management.

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