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Comparison of an Agency Designer and Standalone Designer

We are often approached by our clients with the question… “But we have knowledge of Freelancer in the area that we can pay half as much than here at Monkey Puzzle?” There are many reasons that our costs are higher but all are carefully calculated with the best price in mind for our customer.

Of course the main cost to cover is our overheads, resources and day-to-day running costs. Freelancers will always beat us on price when we mention any of the above. But what is it that our clients do get in return to what a Freelancer can’t offer? Guaranteed all year round design services (except our Christmas break!), most Freelancers will have time booked for their holidays throughout the year – and who’d blame them, everyone needs a holiday. Most Freelancers tend to work standalone, this means that client’s projects are either requested to be completed early or put on hold during their time off.

This is where the Monkey Puzzle Design Team can work on your project anytime of the year, our team is briefed on all jobs and they work closely together and if we know that an employee is due a break then a handover takes place. Our Designers are a close-knit team, a team that has worked over time together creating inspirational ideas, bringing projects together and making the best execution of your brief. Our team have a wealth of knowledge, working through periods of change in the design arena with ever evolving tools. Our resources are key to our services; we have the latest assets and always strive to keep abreast of the ever changing technology. There is always someone on-site to speak with you regarding your project, so don’t fret - you won’t be leaving voicemails.

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