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Artwork Draft Documents Design Assets Components: SERIES 2.0 | 06/MARCH/19


Monkey Puzzle like to make every process from point of contact as quick, simple and effortless as possible. Upload and sending your files BIG or small up to the maximum file size is 2GB couldn’t be easier:-

your files, simply:-

  • 1. Click on the Upload Your File Button
  • 2. Browse & Select or Drag & Drop Files
  • 3. Complete the short contact & notes form
  • 4. Submit ‘Upload Your Files’

One you’ve uploaded your file we’ll conduct FREE-OF-CHARGE per-flight file check on any artwork supplied or we’ll take an in-depth look at any files and or components uploaded and supply a quote or feedback and constructive advice where applicable on your enquiry.

You can rest assured that WE FULLY UNDERSTAND and know that when any files uploaded are purely for a NO-OBLIGATION-ENQUIRY, unless otherwise formally agreed in writing by both parties, we never print without stringent
client approval.

Upload Up To 2GB Upload
Email Notification & download link
Simple, Effortless & Free
SERIES 1.1 Concept-to-Consignment Logistics 360°

SERIES 1.1 Concept-to-Consignment Logistics 360°

We provide a comprehensive range of fulfilment & specialised delivery services, we call C-to-C Logistics 360°: SERIES 1.1 | 20/FEB/19

Concept-to-Consignment Logistics 360°

Monkey Puzzle know that one superlative service without 'the-other' simply isn’t enough, so for 12 years we've been storing, collating, picking, packing and shipping consignments, giving our clients, a full-service 360' logistics solution.

We now offer this service to anyone, you can use our C-to-C shipping & logistics service as a 'stand-alone' service or as a bolt-on to any of our other services. We work just as hard physically fulfilling and delivering your project, as we do when designing or just printing your project.

An ever-growing-number of our clients need a comprehensive end-to-end design, print and logistical service, culminating in a timely, focused and precise delivery which can be to literally any

We work strenuously, directed by your delivery requirements, to get your shipment where it needs-to-be, because we genuinely believe that any project is only truly a success when it is delivered in-time and in-good-order.

National DistributionNational Distribution
International DistributionInternational Distribution
Tracked VehiclesTracked Vehicles
Professional CouriersProfessional Couriers
Online OrderingOnline Ordering
Secure StorageSecure Storage
Pick, Pack & FulfilPick, Pack & Fulfil


Over 60 New A-Z Online PP & QQ Products & Services, New Unique Print Pricing and Quick Quote Spec Builder: SERIES 1 | 14/FEB/19
Online PP & QQ Products & Services

Over 60 New A-Z Online PP & QQ Products & Services

We found that a lot of our clients didn’t know that we do in fact produce much more than just standard printed products like stationery, leaflets, posters and brochures... etc

Although we haven’t been able to provide online pricing behind all of the services and products we produce, we have now have added to our Worksmart Website over a 60 services and print products. We can now display the array of products and services we provide.

These print products and service cover the majority of what we do, but that’s not 100%. We do all sorts of bespoke offline printing and logistics. If you can’t see what’s-on-you-mind either simply use the Bespoke Quote button and send us a request for a Bespoke Quote or even better, give us a call on 020 8401 0006 we’re always happy to help where we can and if we can’t do it, we’ll give you the contact details if we know anyone, company ‘woman-or-man that can!’

View Over 100 of our A-Z
Services and Products online
Print Price & Comparisons
by block or list x 4 Speeds-of-Service
Quick Quote Online forms
Easy-fill-send-in-seconds forms
Unique Spec Builder & Price Comparison

Unique Spec Builder & Price Comparison

Get an instant price, including price comparison for all 4 Speeds-of-Services using our dynamic Print Price Spec Builder.Simply enter your preferred specification and the spec builder automaticallygenerates a cost for any of our 4 Speed-of-Services which you can view in two ways either as a block or a drop down list. You can also check the date you will receive the order, or availability for Same Day Express, or urgent printing before adding to basket.

You can also choose from 3 timed delivery options or collect and save options then just Checkout and you can leave the rest to us.

As soon as we see your order we’ll send you order confirmation and get to work on your job ASAP keeping you up to date at all-points-of-the-compass.

We’re proud to say we delivered 99% of our online orders the last 5 years, which we think that is mighty-impressive!

Unique Spec Builder
& Price Comparison system
Artwork & Templates
Free Guides & Size Charts
Self-Email Your Prices & Quotes
For You To Use Later
Quick Quote Spec Builder

Quick Quote Spec Builder

We know that you would prefer that all our services and products have prices embedded online. Please rest assured we are working ‘feverishly’ on a daily basis to convert any Quick Quote products over to our online Print Prices for products
and services.

In the meantime we’ve made getting a quote as simple and quick as humanly possible to request a quote with a simple user friendly, easy-fill Quick Quote-form which you can Ping-Off-to-us really quickly and get a copy to your email, you can also send artwork or supporting documents and even request a price for design,
all this on on one straight forward user friendly form.

Not a Print Expert?

Don’t be scared if you’re not a print expert, it's O.K we are! Printing can be complex, so no judgements here. We’re always really happy to help and walk-and-talk through your requirements either by email or phone, the choice is yours. Simply fill in as much as you can on the Quick Quote form we’ll help iron out any detail and bespoke components before quoting.

Print Experts

If you are a print expert, that’s great, our comprehensive Quick Quote form will be an absolute joy for you to quickly waltz-through and send without breaking-a-sweat, Time-is-Money.

Pre-filled Greeting and
part filled product, for speed
Get standard or edit standard
products to make them bespoke
Submit & Self Email Your QQ
& You'll Get Email Link-Back Option

Request a no obligation quote

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