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A multidiscipline team of designers

Exquisitely transforming and translating ideas and visions, into hard-copy materials and soft-copy pixels.

We now know that keeping your brand cohesion between each different
marketing channel can be difficult without specialised know how and experience.

Our brand support service starts by fully understanding your underlying fundamental brand parameters and where applicable, brand guidelines. We provide - at point of contact, ongoing marketing and brand support. From large marketing campaigns, through to the daily design needs, by constantly scrutinising colour management, complex hard copy and digital cross over colours.

We are here to provide the best outcomes for your brand across the marketing spectrum, using our in-house team of multi-disciplined designers and
state-of-the-art equipment.

Your company has an identity, it is a critical aspect of business development,
you have total control of the identity which you want to portray and this dictates
how people and other business's view your company, in the long term this is one
of the core performance indicator of sustainability and growth.

Starting with clearly understanding your business objectives, personality and
values of the organisation that it represents, as well as your products and service
offerings. This is followed by a research protocol and brand audit from logo to
online presence, the brand profile needs to be correctly and cohesively aligned.

Your identity is the factor that truly distinguishes you from your competitors,
you may have the best product or service in the world, but if you don't convey
this stringently and correctly people will never know, this impacts every aspect
of a business.

Business stationery is the only way to effectively maintain any brand cohesion
and company profile. Invoices, letterheads, compliment slips, business cards
and presentation folders are important tools to have as part of your overall communications strategy. Either hard copy or now more often soft copy
- these documents play a very big part in conveying your company's attitude to
business protocols.

Monkey Puzzle Marketing can design and print or design and digitise your business
stationery. From those mentioned above, through to their digital equivalent -
email signatures, invoice templates and digital letterheads. These are just a few of
the options we offer, to make the right impression with your customers. Our team
of expert designers will be happy to help give your company new stationery, or we
can contemporise existing collateral with a brand refresh.

Although some would tell you otherwise print is still alive and kicking, it now holds
a place in our hearts and souls and is welcome over the pixel, as in some ways
nostalgic but most a visceral effect, look, feel touch, smell and even hear the five
senses engaged.

Good print well designed and well produced is still a potent weapon in the
marketing arsenal, used in unison with an online marketing campaign these
become an emblem of your company's sophistication and more than the sum of
their parts, but get it wrong and you shoot yourself in the foot!

To avoid any foot shooting exercise, it all starts with the good design and
integration with an online presence, quality over quantity is being used to great
effect, short sharp print to drive online traffic, to data capture, to promote, to sell.


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