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OUR PRINT SERVICES Thinking used to suggest that printed materials were less important in these days of technological advancement, it is not.

First and foremost, printed material can be vital for reinforcing brand awareness. The more outlets through which consumers are seeing your brand, the further it reinforces the brand and its credibility. There is also something reassuring about print in comparison to the unknown of the world wide web and so the credibility of a catalogue or brochure could be enough to sway some customers.

Standing out from the crowd can be tricky, but with print there is an increased chance of being noticed. As people suffer with the inundation of email and other digital content, it's hard to cut through the noise. Even if the recipient discards the material, many will glance at the cover before doing so. That is enough time to register the brand at least!

Occasionally print marketing can be more effective than online content in target marketing and reaching niche audiences. If you can better define the content consumer you can target them more effectively, and with print having all of the previous benefits you have a great chance of success with your ideal consumer. Studies show that print marketing is processed differently by our brain than other media and that it leaves a more significant imprint. Therefore, if you target a consumer through print they have more chance of registering branding and recalling adverts.

We love to be informed and educated and brochures are an opportunity to provide just that. While stores make their best efforts to display core products, the fast-paced style of many shoppers limits the amount of detail that can be provided to the consumer at this outlet. However, consumers pick up a brochure and take more time to peruse. Brands can take advantage of this and provide the key information to the consumer and sell the product through the details.


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